Industrial Management


Since its beginnings, OTEIC Group has had a team that specializes in advising Industrial Sector Organisations, optimizing all areas and processes. Especially those linked to the processes of Purchasing, Outsourcing, Production and Logistics. Also working on the design, or redesign of "turnkey" production plants and its related services.

Industrial Management

  • Industrial Management Analysis.
  • Material Flow Management (G.F.M.)®
  • Lean Production.
  • Project Management and Product Design Processes
  • Standardization and Normalization of Products.
  • Advanced Systems of Project Coding, References, Articles, Plans, and their integration.
  • Organisation and Optimization of Supplier Networks.
  • Optimization of Sales and Storage Management.
  • Process Improvement.
  • Time Study. Line Balancing/Dimensioning people – teams.
  • Optimization of Plant Layout.
  • Planning and Monitoring Systems.
  • Costs and their Improvement. Useful cost application in your company: Profitability of Industry/Client, Offer Process – Price fixing, Performance Improvements (value-squandering analysis).
  • Evident Factory (5S).
  • Total Productive Maintenance (T.P.M.).
  • Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED).
  • Training & advanced Versatility.


Facilities Engineering Management

  • Lay-Out of the Industrial Area and the other areas of the company (Technical., Commercial and Administration).
  • “ Turnkey Projects “ managing all parts involved in a new or redesigned installation.


Continuous improvement and motivation in industrial organisations

  • Continuous Improvement Plans.
  • Initiative and Improvement Groups (I.I.G.)
  • Training and Motivation.
Objective-based Motivation System (PICDOS ®): Incentive Systems Recovery.